Electronic Records &
Operating System

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EROS - an entire building on a disk

One problem often associated with a project's Health & Safety File is the sheer size of the finished product.

The Health & Safety File for a typical large project can consist of around 50 ring binders and hundreds of A1-sized record drawings. Apart from the obvious storage problems, finding specific information on a certain item can be a tricky labourious task.

Is there a solution? The answer is YES, and TMD can provide it.

EROS has been developed (and continues to be developed) by our technical authors into an electronic manual which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. EROS combines all the integral elements of a full Operating & Maintenance Manual into a composite electronic format.

EROS is capable of linking to different sections of the manual from a central contents page, including electronically scanned test & commissioning certificates, manufacturers literature (either scanned or converted from its original application) and record drawings (converted from AutoCAD format).

If you wish to see for yourself how EROS can work for you, simply download our EROS Demo (702kb). Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this - download the latest version here.

Listed below is a selection of projects for which TMD Ltd and/or its staff has provided this service: