Package Manual

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Why do you need us to do this?

The production of a project Health & Safety File requires the co-ordination of many different contractors and companies. With each company using their own working practices and schedules, not to mention the number of companies involved, this could easily become a complicated and time-consuming affair.

TMD Ltd can undertake this task for you, enabling you to concentrate on managing your project.

Upon appointment, TMD Ltd will arrange a meeting between yourselves and the client's representatives to establish a common format for the O&M Manual production. Once the format has been agreed, TMD Ltd will contact each package contractor to confirm not only the format, but exactly what should be detailed within each section. We will also make ourselves available to provide any assistance to the contractor should they need it.

During the project, we will provide regularly updated progress reports for each contractor, check each submitted manual for format before issuing them to the consultants for technical comment, and index each manual accordingly to form the complete Health & Safety File.

Listed below is a selection of projects for which TMD Ltd and/or it's staff have provided this service: